Sunday, February 19, 2006

Simple Sundays...

In the absence of much to do today, I've found myself watching Romeo & Juliet on HBO. I unapologetically love this movie... the imagery & color & music & even the acting. I remember Shani & I saw it in the theater... and the two girls in front of us were hysterical at the end. They were seriously shocked that ROMEO & JULIET really died. Heh. I hope they didn't see Titanic because that ending was really shocking.

Remember when Leo was on Growing Pains? No? Nobody does but me because I'm pretty sure nobody watched the last season but me. Mike was suddenly a teacher & Leo was some student living in a closet at the school and so the Seavers took him in. And then there was the "very special episode" where Luke (Leo's character) poured all of the Seavers' booze down the kitchen sink and they all thought he was a little alcoholic. But of course, he wasn't. He just didn't want them to be alcoholics like his parents!! Boy, we all learned a great lesson with that episode... I... guess. Anywho - Leonardo DiCaprio is now one of those actors who I don't really like but I end up enjoying most of his movies. Like Kevin Costner.

But Claire Danes remains a favorite. Whether she's Angela Chase or Sookie Sapperstein, hanging out with Zac Posen or stealing Billy Crudup away from Mary Loiuse Parker... she's always OK in my book.

And, yeah... this was clearly a boredom-induced post.