Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've just found the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre (via pesky apostrophe) and thought I'd pass it on...

30-Second Bunnies Theatre

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that today is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Me, I was all of 4 years old when he died so I can't speak to the experience of that time myself. I "discovered" (doesn't every teenager think they're the first to discover something) John Lennon when I was in junior high... I caught a Beatles documentary on cable and was hooked. I immediately took to John because he was clearly the smart and talented one. And Paul's an asshat (and clearly, that's my new favorite word)... sorry, he's not untalented and he maybe used to be cool but... ok, here it is:

It's Lennon-McCartney, fucker... you made a deal so deal with it. Work out a new deal w/John in your afterlife but right now, shut the fuck up cause nobody wants to hear it. And that's all I have to say about that.

Anywho - I suddenly loved me some John Lennon. So, I did what I do when I'm interested in any new subject... I obsessively researched. Checked out every book and video and CD at the library and soon I knew more about John Lennon than anybody ever. Heh... right. But I did know a lot more than anyone I knew. John was a super intense interest of mine during my junior high & high school years. I highly recommend the Imagine: John Lennon documentary, which I used to check out the out of the library every chance I'd get. I watched it over and over and over and it now has a place of honor on my TVR...

His art - music, visual, all of it - was is incredibly beautiful & inspiring to me. I hope that teenagers will be "discovering" him until the end of time and that one day soon the world will truly live as one... just as he imagined.

TV Talk

Hmmm... so Project Runway is still the coolest reality show ever. Last night's two episodes were super awesome. I wish it was already next Wednesday! My early favorites are Chloe, Nick & Diana. I loved Santino's semifinal dress but didn't really feel the leather jacket skirt thingy he made for the first official challenge. Plus he's already kind of an asshead. And how about that kind of evil first challenge... I was wondering how they'd top the grocery store "innovation" episode. (Ha! I'm watching the commercial for Skating with the Stars... I love the part where they smash their heads into the ice the best. I might have to watch just to see that over and over.) I'd be sad about my favorite outfit but I still don't think I'd lame out like Kirsten did. There were a couple of designers that made a bad first impression... but I'll hold off on judging them too harshly right now... except you Santino. Asshat. And you Zulema.

Also, super pleasantly surprised by ANTM's final episode... I thought for sure Miss-lack-of-Personality Nik would win. I'm glad Nicole won. They really had me worried with the first elimination... thought they were going keep crazy Bre.

I'm watching last night's episode of Isaac... he's fucking genius. I want to live in his TV/design studio. I'm often disappointed with his clothes at the 'get (the rest of his Target stuff pretty much rocks)... but I can't get enough of him otherwise. SO glad we got cable (& TVR, heh) in time to see the first episodes. I'm having a better day everyday that he's on my TV.

I think that's all the TV talk for now. Although... what was with The O.C. being on until 9:13? Oh. HAHAHAHA... I forgot the power of the TVR. And yeah, I know it's a DVR but if I can't use the name TiVo for my new faux-TiVo, then TVR is the next best thing.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Have a Better Day

Say what? Isaac Mizrahi has a new talk show? Awesome. And we just got digital cable on Friday... perfect. I hope it's as good as his old show. How could you really go wrong with Isaac... starts Monday night @ 7:00 on Style network.

Isaac :: Have a Better Day