Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Daytime TV

I have about 2 1/2 weeks of vacation left to use before May and so I took a random day off today. I ended up sleeping in really, really late but now I'm awake and fed and watching TV while I work on my scarf. And man, does daytime TV suck. Of course, there are still soap operas but I haven't watched those in a long time (or a year. whatever). So what's left? HBO on Demand isn't working. The news channels apparently can't find any real news to report (Wiretapping, treason, South Dakota sucking? No? Didn't think so. OK, now they are talking about Iraq, at least. HAHAHA, the President's approval rating has dropped another 8% in the last month. Sweet).

Oh. Anyway, I ended up watching a very special episode of The Cosby Show. It was probably the most low-key very special episode ever. The Huxtable's find a joint in Theo's school book. And so they have a talk about it with Theo, who insists it isn't his. And they believe him and just let him know how much it would disappoint them if it was. Meanwhile, IMAN is having a baby and visiting Dr. Huxtable and she cannot stop laughing during her entire scene. And it really cold outside, so Rudy has to wear 100 layers of clothes. And it all made me kinda miss the Cosby Show...

OK, I've gotta find something else to watch.