Friday, February 10, 2006

Project Runway @ Fashion Week

Well, today was the big day. The final fashion show for Project Runway. I've already poored over the pictures at Getty Images and I definitely have some thoughts going on in my head now... all 4 collections were so complete that it's pretty hard to tell who was the decoy (but my bet is still on Kara).

Starting with Santino:

Dude, what have you been doing this whole time!? This is gorgeous and finished and flattering and gorgeous. There was one outfit I hated. But that was it... crazy. He did great. I wish he'd been doing this all along.

Next up is Kara:

Very fun, very young collection. Another surprise. This outfit I love... until you get below the knees. I would have liked to see full length pants. I loved what she did with the layering in many of her outfits. Some of her dresses were just so-so. But a very nice showing overall, I'd say.

Now (oh my)... Chloe:

The most surprising of all (and not in a good way) was Chloe's collection. This dress? Stunning. This dress? The only thing in her entire collection that I loved. I couldn't even bare to post some of the other pictures here... you'll have to go see them for yourself. It was just... not good. 80's prom not good.

Finally, Daniel:

What can I say... I'm a simple girl. And this ENTIRE collection made me gasp with delight. Especially this dress and the gorgeous white coat. His collection was, by far, my favorite. Everything was beautiful and wearable. This collection looks like a winner to me. Daniel V gets my vote.