Thursday, February 09, 2006


I used to check my horoscope everyday (for amusement only, of course)... it's been a long time, but since I was already at, I decided to click to see what today would bring. Best. Horoscope. Ever.

Daily Horoscope:

For February 9: Today puts a big smile on your face because as usual, you’re proven to be right. It does your heart a lot of good when others have to admit that you were right all along – and they weren’t. Eventually, others will shut up and listen to your words of wit and wisdom, instead of waste gobs of time arguing. Your biggest challenge today will be to not gloat.

Heehee... hehehehe. I love it. You can't believe how much this happens to me. I hope "eventually" get here soon. I should clearly start practicing the not gloating part. Heh.