Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stop! For the Love of Walt

I just saw a commercial for Bambi 2... mother f'er. Does Disney have no shame. Now, I have no doubt that they sell these insta-sequels but it's just getting ridiculous. It's bad enough when they do them for newer movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast but when they start messing with Cinderella, Bambi & Lady and the Tramp... that's when I get pissed. Just stop!!!!

Yea! Jay!

I was so happy to see Jay on last night's episode of Project Runway. And SOOOOOOOO glad that Zulema was sent packing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And Andrae was totally robbed. Hey judges, you know how you're always saying... it's not flattering, no woman would wear that, etc, etc? Well, this is not flattering and no woman (in her right mind) would wear this:

Is it beautiful? Maybe. But my first thought when it came down the runway was, "OMG, that's horrifying." And, why pick that outfit when Andrae's dress was both beautiful and wearable?

But my most favorite part in last night episode was all the yelling at my TV at Sanitino, "That's Austin's fabric, dude." And the end result was Austin's grammy dress after being put through a shredder. Heh. But I have to say, I do find Santino very entertaining. Those impressions are dead-on.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty disappointed with a lot of the designers this season. There were only two nice complete outfits last night, Andrae's & Chloe's. I'll give Daniel credit, because his outfit was inspired and that was the theme. But 3 out of 7 is not that good. Nick needs to stop with those skirts... but he's still my favorite.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Memoirs of a Supermodel

Sweet. Kate Moss is rumored to have signed a deal to write her autobiography.
Kate Moss has signed a $1.8m deal for the rights to her autobiography, after Virgin mogul Richard Branson convinced her she should set the record straight on her turbulent 2005.
I can't wait.

Branson convinces Moss to publish autobiography

Saturday, January 21, 2006

CB2 Catalog!

Just got the very first CB2 catalog in the mail (CB2 is the hip offspring of Crate & Barrel). YEA!!! Flipped through it in about a second and here's what I want right away:

Spoon Coffee Mug

Punapippuri Bed Linens

Bingo Pillows

Clothespin Chopsticks

Whirly Hanging Candleholder

Union Dining Table

Friday, January 20, 2006

Elle Favorites: February '06

I know that a lot of people already do this but I've always wanted to do it myself. I read a lot of fashion & design magazines - Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Domino, Elle Decor, Living Etc., Teen Vogue, & W - on a regular basis. And sometimes more. I've been re-inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Just My Cup of Tea, to share my favorites from some of them every once in awhile. I probably won't do it every month and certainly not for every magazine just because I'm lazy mcdaisy... also, I have no scanner hooked up right now so this post is lacking pretty pictures (except for the jeans). I'll work on that.

Here are a few my favorite things from February's Elle magazine:

Drew Barrymore in the new Missoni ad. She looks so stunning that I'll forgive her for not wearing a bra under her pretty green dress at the Golden Globes.

These Maxfield jeans:

The creepy but cool bat pins, page 98.

Marc Jacobs band-aids adhesive bandages, page 184.

Ostrich-feather miniskirt, page 241.

Michelle Kwan story... I hope she does great next month in Torino.

And finally, Madonna is on the cover... what else is there to say?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Need a New Subject

Big changes are coming! Big humongous changes!!! OK, not really that big but I'm hoping that this will be the year where I design myself a fresh, new blog and have it hosted all by it's lonesome. But until then, I'm going to talk about TV some more...

I think I love Love Monkey. It's a really cute show. I can't believe I like a show with Brandon Walsh on it...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'm so sad that Diana was sent home on Project Runway tonight. She was one of my favorites. I felt like Marla brought her down... she acted like a belligerent child for quite a bit of the challenge. She had nothing to contribute but just complained. You know, she didn't even complain she just stood there with that stupid look on her face. I also felt a little Tim Gunn hate this episode. Makes me sad that he never "got" Diana. Usually, I agree with all of his critiques during the design process but this time he just seemed to stifle Diana's creativeness. Some people might think that she is "conceptual" but in reality, I think her designs are very fashion forward. And the fact is, everyone of her designs was beautiful.

Really, I didn't really like anybody's outfit tonight. The winning design was nice but looked to much like many of last year's Banana Republic dresses. Poor Nick got saddled with Santino the Ego and was lucky to get out alive in my opinion. I hated the reversible jacket on Emmett & Chloe's outfit. Emmett is the next to go. I'm really shocked at some of the designer's who are left. Zulema, Kara, Andrae & Emmett have really not impressed much at all. Oh well... there's always next week. Go nick!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tacky Hilton

I should have known not to go against my first instincts...

From the very first episode of season 2, I've said that Santino's clothes look like something Paris Hilton would wear. So, when I found out that Nicky Hilton was the socialite they had to design for my first thought was that I should pick Santino for this week's winner... but I had a misconception that Nicky was slightly (barely) more classy than Parisite. WRONG! And now the evil Purple Pieman (I knew he looked familiar!) has another win. Booooooooooooo! With, by the way, practically the same f'in Hiltonish dress he made for the first episode.

I really wanted Nick to win. And not just for the points. I'm sticking with my first instincts with him (just like Jay)... he rocks. Overall, it was a good episode. I was more impressed with some designers that I'd already written off... Emmett's dress was actually cute. I didn't like it at first, but on the runway it worked. And Andrae's dress was cool, too. Was kinda disappointed in Chloe's dress... it was cute but resembled her 2nd episode dress a little to much. But I did like Daniel V's (probably don't need the initial anymore... poor Daniel Franco) dress... he made it work. I thought Diana's dress was gorgeous. I little froufy on the bottom but please, as if the Hilton's care about flattering clothes. And it was great to see Dirty Diana... I was reading her blog and thinking that they were portraying her a little to "conceptual geek" so far. She seems much more fun and I really hope her internet show gets off the ground because I really want to learn how to make a purse that lights up when my cell phone rings.

Anywho - my TVR cut off in the middle of next week's preview (grrr) so I'll have to go to the website tomorrow and check it out. Must know what's going to happen. Don't forget to check out the TWOP recap and here's a great blog devoted to Blogging Project Runway (giving her the proper props for the the Purple Pieman reference). Ooooh, just saw a preview that said 2 designers will be out next week... awesome.