Friday, February 25, 2005

Project Jay

Woo-Hoo!!!! Jay won Project Runway! Jay won Project Runway!

In case you didn't know that I loved Project Runway from reading my old blog, you can read about here, here and here. I kinda thought I'd blogged about PR more than that but I guess not. Anyhoodle... I love Jay and his clothes. His collection was awesome... you can see it here:

Jay's Fashion Week Collection

This cool blue outfit is by far my favorite piece in the collection. I also love the black outfit, the gray outfit and this outfit w/the cool quilted jacket. Oh, but I really love something about every outfit because, Jay? He totally rocks. Here's his website - Jay McCarroll - where you can sign up for Jay updates.

And if you care, here are the links for the other two collections:

Wendy's Runway Show

Wendy's collections was definitely better then I was expected. I'll give her props for this totally hot retro look (so Tippi Hedren, don't you think?) and also this cool dress. There were also pieces I liked in her other outfits like this skirt and this jacket. But overall, I didn't think it was very original...

Kara Saun's Runway Show

Dear Kara Saun,

I used to love you so (way less than Jay, but still). Then you not only disappointed me with your collection but you cheated! And when that "hot bitch" Tim Gunn called you out, it suddenly seemed that all the talk of you being a shoo-in had gone to your head. And I kinda hated you. But even if you didn't impress me with this runway show, I have no doubt you'll be successful because I've seen enough to know you're super talented. And I really love this dress. Also... if your going to continue w/your aviatrix theme than I suggest more of this and less of this in the future. Thanks!


And that concludes this post.

Sleeping Pillow

Here's the pillow I need...

Sleeping Pillow - Double Chamber

Anyone got $100?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Long Live the Gucci Buddha

Alright kids... I was bored so I have switched to a new blog. Right now, my archives are still located at the old blog. But I hope in the near future to move my blog to a real url and bring all the archives with me. Anywho - on with the blogging.