Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Creative Distractions

So, when I'm really stressed as I am right now in life... I prefer to distract myself. Shopping works the best but I'm on a mission to get out of debt so that's not really an option right now. And that's why I have a studio anyway. Luckily, lately I've been on a creative kick. I'm starting to check things off my yearly big list in the process.

I now know the basics of knitting and have about half a scarf to prove it. I like to knit while watching the Olympics or anything else that's on & not overly important. Also, this week I've started making a purse, playing with a mixed media piece, carving a little stamp and sketching. All of these things are helping me relax a little and are a great outlet. There are about a billionty creative endeavors that I'd like to try in the future... so I feel good that I can always find something to do.

I always thought it would be cool to design rugs. I'm not much of a carpet person but rugs are cool because they are easier to switch out when your style changes. The problem with rugs is that they are mostly expensive. At Goodwill this weekend I picked up a book, Step-by-Step Rugmaking. So, that book & Joe's latching knowledge will help bring this dream to reality. I'll be starting on that process next week, I think. Here's what's on list for the rest of this week.
  1. cut & piece together my purse
  2. carve a bigger stamp
  3. finish my scarf
  4. start putting together a necklace
  5. work on mixed media piece
Oh, and when I have extra time (ha ha), sketch out some designs for the awesome rug I'm going to make. I'm also going to buy a bluetooth thingy to transfer my camera phone pictures to my computer and start uploading some of them.