Monday, March 20, 2006

Germs Suck

Didn't getting sick used to be fun when we were kids? Not so much anymore. I fully admit to being terribly paranoid of germs in certain situations... not enough to not participate in society or anything. But when I'm in a room with a bunch of people and I hear coughing and sneezing and sniffling, I'm pretty much become resigned to getting sick in the next week. This weekend I tempted fate by going to an EXPO and a huge auction in a barn. I'm feeling lucky that I only got a little stomach bug and not some sort of full blown ebola-mad-bird-foot flu. It's that adult ability to think of every possible sick scenerio that makes it suck the most. That and you have to make your own toast. Yeah, not so much fun.

Monday nights are pretty bad for TV to watch... when I remember it's on, I watch "Flip this House" on A&E. I'm pretty much convinced that Ginger must be sleeping with Richard in order to keep her job. Anyway, it's usually an interesting show... except tonight for some reason. Right now, they have a ghost expert in the house they're trying to flip. In fact, this whole episode seems to be focused more on ghosts and the historic town they're in than the actual house. Must have been an easy flip.

At 9:00, I'm gonna watch this week's episode of "Big Love" on HBO. I caught the pilot on HBO on Demand earlier today and now I'm all excited about seeing an HBO series from the beginning. You know, instead of waiting until they come out on DVD. It's a pretty good show. It's like the perfect role for Chloe Sevigny... looks like she gets to wear her own ugly clothes. Heh.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Scarf! Scarf! Scarf!

Look! I finally finished my first scarf...

The picture is another bad camera phone image. I let Sookie (my dress form/art installation) wear it last night but snagged it for myself this morning. It has a few random flaws but I'm pretty proud. I certainly feel very comfortable with the knit stitch now. I managed to do the entire scarf without dropping a stitch. My next project will be... another scarf! But with a little purl stitch thrown in.

I'm going to the Sewing & Quilt Expo at the IX Center on Thursday and Friday. I'm so excited... I will probably take a couple of the classes. But what I'm really hoping for is some good shopping. I'm finding the crafty chain stores a little limiting in the fabric and yarn departments. I'm hoping the Expo will have some options that I don't see everyday.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Armchair Fashion

After much thought and consideration to last night's shocking ending to season 2 of Project Runway, I can only come to one conclusion. Shenanigans!! I'm calling shenanigans. I feel like Daniel was robbed. I feel like Santino was robbed. I also feel like Kara & Nick were robbed.

Don't get me wrong. I like Chloe... she was one of my favorites from the start. She has a very inspiring story and seems really sweet and all the other things I love to root for. And she stayed a favorite all season. I was so expecting to love Chloe's fashion week collection, not recoil in horror. But she made her models look like living room furniture. OK, OK, her entire collection didn't suck. But out of thirteen outfits, there are only four that I can both understand and enjoy as beautiful fashion. A lot of her fabrics were just too heavy. And the f'cking sleeves... and that one pink, flat, shapeless, weird one actually inspires anger in me every time I look at it.

This article from the Boston Herald, Dao sews up victory on ‘Project Runway,’ claims this:
Chloe’s triumph was not her collection, which showed little range. Six-foot-tall models paraded down the catwalk in evening gowns topped with matching caplets, less than exciting stuff. But it was her business sense and aptitude for understanding women’s desires in clothing that sealed the deal.
All this talk about how she "knows women and what women want?" Yeah, Chloe? Women do not want to look like armchairs:

I want Jay back... Jay is inspiring, funny and real and the more I see of him, the more I want to see of him. And I really I want to see more and more of his designs. Bravo can just skip Project Chloe and have a few full seasons of Project Jay instead. That's the only chance they have for forgiveness from me... at this point I feel like it's doubtful I'll watch season 3. But we'll see, that's a year away and maybe Chloe can make a come back with a better collection and the universe can heal itself. I don't know...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What? No really, WHAT?

What the mother fuck was that? Chloe won?

I'm gonna beat someone... or four people. I feel like I just wasted my time watching that whole second season now. How could they reward that awful collection. Gah. Someone give me a drink.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Bit Evil... I'd Say

The whole 13 outfit thing was a nice twist... one that I called 5 seconds into the show when Hoedi told them to create a 12 piece collection. We've all seen the pictures and there were 13 outfits for each designer. Still, I have to give it to TPTB for putting that evil little twist in. I liked that they got to choose an axed designer to help them out. Yea! Diana & Nick at Fashion Week... just like I wanted from day 1. Unfortunately, I don't get to see what they can do. But I'll take the extra time with them anyway.

Meanwhile, Santino's seeming very likable & Daniel is looking like a douchebag. Take it down a notch, Danny V. He's definitely buying into the hype that he's unbeatable.

I'm super excited about next week's episode and to see the collections moving down the runway. I think we'll all see details that we didn't notice from the pictures. At this point... I'd say Daniel & Santino have about the same chance of winning. Chloe... I'm still stunned by her stuff. And still not in a good way.

Also, I can't help but see Hoidi as a little evil since Project Jay... and I was just starting to like her before that. Now, I'm going back to my first season preference of replacing her with Kate Moss... yeah, that would be sweet.

Martini Glow Stick

Martini Glow Stick

This glowiness was in my "Hip Smurf" martini last night at Bricco. I was a little worried when I first saw it in there that I'd be dying of some sort of radiation posioning later in the evening... but it all turned out OK. I felt I had to take a picture of it before it faded away and I thought I share it with you. As expected, it didn't make it to see the morning light...