Thursday, September 29, 2005


How is it Thursday already? Where did my week go? I need sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep... I miss you. I could have slept in a little today if I knew the cable guy wasn't gonna show up at the house. At least some of the nasty ass windows got cleaned while I waited. And waited.

I've already missed Arrested Development, House and America's Next Top Trainwreck this week... I just barely got home in time to watch Lost last night. I'd like to watch The O.C. tonight but I'd also like to finish removing wallpaper from the bedroom. FYI people, wallpaper SUCKS. It's almost always ugly and both a pain in the ass to put up & to remove. But I will triumph over the evil wallpaper while the boys install the awesome new bathroom floor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Great Kate Debate

So, my question is, how the fuck is Naomi Campbell still working?

Kate Moss has long been one of my style icons. And she still is. This whole thing is, as Gawker put it, a non-shocker. I always thought she was on drugs but that never made me want to do drugs. Nothing about the recent pictures of her snorting lots'o'blow has changed my mind about that. She didn't make it look glamorous or any bullshit like that. If anything, it makes me sad for her. Clearly, Kate Moss needs some serious rehab... there's no doubt about that. But it doesn't make her a pariah.

Some the comments being made about her are really fucked up... one article called her an anorexic freak. First of all, what does her thinness have to do with this? She was plenty thin before she was a model or on coke. Second, the whole argument that she needs to be made an example of for the sake of the children kinda goes out the window when you take a serious disease like anorexia and add a word like "freak" to it. That's sending a great message to teenagers... fucktard. And for the record, Kate Moss is also not to blame for anorexia. She didn't cause my anorexia and I've yet to do coke.

I'm hoping she goes straight to rehab without passing go. And in a year, she can make a huge comeback and everyone will be begging her to appear in their ads again. Until then, I'll be able to skip the 900 pages of ads in Vogue & Elle....

Moss' Drug Mess Intensifies :: Yahoo! News

Today in Kate Moss & Cocaine: Au Revior, Chanel

Yea! Project Jay!

I've been all sad because Jay dropped off the face the earth after Project Runway ended... so I did a Google news search and voila! Project Jay:
The colorful, witty and unpredictable designer from rural Pennsylvania captured America's attention with his powerful designs and off-the-wall personality. This documentary will be the viewers' chance to catch up with Jay to see what he is really like as he enters the fashion business head on.
No word yet on when it will air... hopefully not until I get Bravo back! About the time season 2 of Project Runway premiers would be perfect.

I also found an article that Hoedi would be wearing a Jay dress to the Emmys... but it looks like she wore Dior instead.

Project Jay :: Bravo

Friday, September 16, 2005

Britney's SPF

Aw, that's too bad... I won't be able to refer to Brit Brit & K-Fed's kid as PMS. They actually named the child Sean Preston. So, I'll have to make do with SPF.

Heh. Brit Brit, K Fed & SPF...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

PMS Federline Makes his Debut...

Hahaha... check out the first "picture" of little PMS (via Defamer via American Idle):

The name (Preston Michael Spears Federline) hasn't been confirmed yet but wouldn't it be just like Brit to not do the initial check for her spawn? Like the kid won't have enough disadvantages after they realize you aren't suppose to mix the formula with red bull...

Sunday, September 11, 2005


So, Andre played really great today but he still lost to Roger Federer. I'm kinda of bummed. But I think it's more because Andre seemed to be in retirement mode afterwards. I think it would be sad for him to retire at the level he's still playing... but then I know that he's more than earned it. Well, we'll see.

That was a great match. And a great tournament.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Dance!!!!!

Okay, I jinxed him in the fourth set so he had to go five (sorry!). But in the end, Andre won. And now he's in the finals. Awesome!

Agassi 6 5 6 4 6
Ginepri 4 7 3 6 3

I hope he gets some good food and even better rest because tomorrow is going to be tough. Both Hewitt & Federer are at the height of their games. But anything can happen... right, Andy Roddick?

Agassi wins thriller to reach U.S. Open final


Ginepri won the second set, Agassi won the third. They just started the fourth. Ginepri is looking pretty run down... they haven't done a Steffi shot for awhile.

So, to recap:

Ginepri 4 7 3 1
Agassi 6 5 6 2

They (John, Mary & Dick) just did the usual "will Andre & Steffi's kids play tennis" talk. Survey says! Only if they want to. Considering that both Steffi & Andre were the product of overzealous tennis parents, I would think that would be their theory. And I agree... parents should just let kids be kids & help them be the best at what they want to do. Support & love, yo...

Someone keeps changing the channel to the Michigan game... only during the commercials though. Now it's 3-3...

Andre should be winning soon so I'll be back then.

This is tiring...

I think I'll give up for a little bit and concentrate on the match... but I'll update a couple more times before it's over.

BTW... it's 5-4 on serve. Second serve.

These titles are hard

OK, they are back on serve after Ginepri broke Agassi and Agassi broke back in the next game. Damn... I need to pay more attention. Andre has fought off 3 breakpoints... now it's deuce. Andre fought off another break opportunity. Deuce #2. Advantage Ginepri. Didn't get it. Deuce #3. Advantage Ginepri. Haha... deuce #4. Advantage Agassi. Finally. Doh. Deuce #5. Breakpoint #6. Deuce #6. This is tense... advantage Agassi. YEA! Awesome. 3-3, second set.


Hey it's a Sampras commercial! I miss Pete...


First set goes to Agassi... 6-4

Hey look, it's another Andy Roddick commercial... poor Andy lost in the first set. Apparently he never found his MOJO.

Steffi shot #1... with a bonus Chris Evert. Steffi shot #2 is quick to follow.

Ginepri held his serve to open the second set. Andre holds his serve. It's 1-1.


The boyfriend is impressed that Ginepri used to date Minnie Driver... uh oh, it's 3-3. Come on, Andre. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention. Now the commentators are being all doom and gloom because Andre lost the last 3 points. Did they see that match the other night? Meanwhile, they're still on serve. Breakpoint Agassi! Sweet. He'll serve for the set after the commercial and I'll be back to update how it went.

Here We Go

Hey, did you guys all know that Andre is OLD? Because it's all that the commentatotrs can talk about...

So, the old man is up 2-0 in the first set. McEnroe must be reading my blog because he just suggested they replace the Connors rain delay match with the Agassi Blake match. Haha, I love Johnny Mac... and now it's 2-1. Heh. I wonder if the players find out what the other is wearing before the match. Agassi wore a blue shirt on Wednesday but today it's a white one. Score update: 3-2 Agassi is still up a break.

Speaking of blue... when did they switch the courts at the U.S. Open from green to blue?

Blogging Super Saturday

No, I probably won't blog all of Super Saturday... or even all of the Agassi-Ginepri match. Because I'll be heading back to my apartment to watch most of it after I eat an omelette. And I don't have interweb access there... :-( Anywho - it'll be fun while it lasts.

Super Saturday: The men's semi-finals followed by the women's final. Here are the matches:

Andre Agassi vs. Robby "I dated Minnie Driver" Ginepri
Lleyton Hewitt vs. Roger Federer
Kim Clijsters vs. Mary Pierce

My picks are Agassi, Hewitt & Pierce. These are the players I'd like to win not necessarily the ones who will.

Boy, it would be nice if they actually started the matched at noon... instead first I'm being subjective to a Martina Navratilova interview. Boring. Sorry, I like her fine but didn't she retire like 10 years ago? Go away. I want Andre!

Alright, I've got an omelette... I'll be back after they actually start this match.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A (New) Classic Match

What an awesome tennis match. Probably the second best match I've ever had the pleasure to watch (the first being the classic Sampras-Agassi quarterfinal of 2001). I knew Andre was capable of winning but I really didn't think he was going to. And then when he was down two sets so quickly, I just begged the universe to let him win one set. Just one set so that I didn't have to hear those retirement tirades over and over and over. And amazingly, he did win the third set and then the fourth set. But I've seen Andre do this before, so I refused to get too hopeful... and then he went down a break in the fifth. To me it was enough that he'd taken it this far but apparently he wanted more. He broke back and took it to a tiebreak. I'm pretty sure I held my breath for the last hour of the match. He let the first match point go and I still didn't let myself believe he'd pull it off. Then he did it... he won. And I jumped up on to my feet at 1:15am and did a happy dance. I knew he could do it. And he did and now, maybe for the next two days at least, the critics can stop banging the Agassi retirement drums. And I won't have to scream at the TV that he's still a top ten player and a better player now than he was at 25. And my boyfriend & neighbors will appreciate that. Believe me.

Such great tennis. It'll be nice if they use this match as a replacement rain delay match... instead of that f'in Jimmy Connors match from forever ago (I'm talking to you CBS). Although, I think USA network uses the previously mentioned Agassi-Sampras 2001 quarterfinal. I love watching that match, even though Andre always loses it. Heh.

Agassi of old, not old Agassi :: The Boston Globe

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fall TV

It's that time of year again, when TV gives the faux-promise of delivering some new quality, or at least watchable, shows. Here are the returning shows that I consider "must see"...

Monday - Arrested Development
Tuesday - House
Wednesday - America's Next Top Model, Lost
Thursday - The O.C.
Sunday - The Simpsons & The Family Guy, and maybe, Grey's Anatomy

Here are some new shows that interest me (although I doubt I'll bother watching many of them):

Monday - How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday - My Name is Earl looks freakin' hilarious but unfortunately it's on opposite House, my latest TV obsession. Which means I'll also miss out on The Office. This is why I hate you NBC.
Wednesday - Nothing overly intriguing to me here. I'd like to check out Martha's Apprentice but I'm going to give the Janice-less Top Model a chance first.
Thursday - Reunion

And that's it. 4 shows. Great job networks.