Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ding, Dong the Red is Dead....

That was the song I was singing in the shower this morning... Ohio - Ohio, people - is a mother-fucking blue state. With a smoking ban & a minimum wage higher than the federal government. Can it be? Hell, yeah. Ohio is making progress.

I feel very invigorated today, not quite satisfied but definitely more hopeful for the future. The House is in the bag & it looks this morning like the Senate is headed that way. If we can make it through a couple of recounts unscathed, the nation has sent a pretty clear message to the president. That being, "You're a twatwaffle." Or maybe that was just the message I was sending. Whatever. I feel happy either way.

Ding, Dong, the red is dead!
Come out to play, look up ahead!
Ding, Dong, the wicked red is dead!

I was trying to write a couple more verses... one about how red likes to think god likes them best, but looks like he took a nap. And one about how, ok maybe they are not dead but it's definitely a massive punture wound and they'll probably bleed out. But I wasn't clever enough to make it happen & I have a meeting to get ready for.

YEA!!!! I live in a BLUE STATE!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SageRock Google Seminar

For anyone who is interested, my company is giving a Google Ranking Seminar on November 16. Here is a link & a little more information:

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