Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Not Try... some words on my blog

Hey there! Sorry about the obsessive moblogging around here lately... just imagine how horrifying it might have been if blogger had actually published all my pictures instead of only 1/2 of them. It would be like, "All pictures! All the time!"

I thought I might again try writing something on my blog... besides titles anyway. But I needed to be inspired to do so and hadn't been until about 10 minutes ago. That is when I found this hilarious website through another site I read:

Why Not Try?

Some of my favorites:
Helping young people across the road, because they are "our future"

Describing daydreaming as "going to commercial"

Impressing future employers by demonstrating how well you can ride an imaginary horse

Helping yourself to one of the free dogs that people leave outside shops

Inventing and using more compression words as a satire on the English language: e.g sexcellent, tryronic, glamourflage, parannoying, quornography, yawnography, pornothology.

Trying to work out where the imaginary face would be, on various inanimate objects

Yelling "I'm fine, I'm fine" every time you sneeze
Hehehe... exactly what I needed.