Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vanity & The Art of Relaxation

I do not relax or deal with stress well, nor do I sleep well. As a result, I am internally a pretty impatient person. Oh, I put on a good front for all the peeps in my life but really I just don't deal well with other people's BS at all. Or even my BS, which is better described as my utter stupidity in trying to figure out many of life's fucked up situations... but that's another blog post.

If I could master the art of stress control or relaxation, it's possible that many of my sleep problems would be solved, too. I think all my stress comes out while I'm sleeping. And now I am developing an angry face. It seems that all my stress manifests itself into one area on my face and that is the space between my eyebrows. Some people have a unibrow, I have a angrybrow. When I do not wake up looking like this, I wake up looking like I did today:

And that is... PISSED OFF. To be perfectly honest, I was rather pissed off when I woke up this morning (about 10 minutes prior to snapping that picture). I was having quite a lovely dream and did not appreciate it being interrupted by sunlight beaming into my eyes. But that is not the case many days. I mean, I'm almost never overjoyed to wake up but it's not that tragic. So I don't know why my face has to be so angry about it.

So while you'd think that all the massive health risks involved with stress and bad sleeping habits would be reason enough for me to learn a thing or two about relaxing... it's more likely pure vanity that will spur me to action. Because I'm just that silly.