Saturday, February 03, 2007

Things I Could Be Doing

  • dishes - because I am out of spoons, which is weird because otherwise I only have like 9 dirty dishes
  • laundry - i have mounds of clean clothes but am stuck between sizes... insert sad face here
  • painting my bedroom - so i can move out of the cold, cold sun room
  • my taxes - so i can get some sweet, sweet money back
  • yoga - to help fit into the clean pile of jeans waiting for me
  • clearing my TVR out - watching TV isn't very productive but it's fun
  • reading a book - like one of the five sitting next to my bed with one chapter read in each
  • cleaning my garage - before it's even colder tomorrow
  • moving some stuff around - so my house is finally livable
  • One of the 250 or so things left on my 2007 list - because crossing things off of lists makes me happy
Instead I'm...
  • working - because when you're temporarily out of interweb at home you go to the office and you see things there that need done, so sadly, you do them even though it's saturday and it can wait 'til monday
  • feeling sad - because of something a friend told me last night that just isn't fair
  • feeling embarrassed - needlessly i'm sure but straight vodka or not, i can't believe i did that
  • feeling a little more sad - because yesterday was a good friend's birthday and it's been five years since i've hugged him
  • delaying - calling another friend who i haven't talked to in two years and have been missing very much lately
  • smiling - about something random
  • thinking - of ways to spend my tax return because i can't stop spending money right now
  • listening - to an office mouse (gus-gus, is that you?) get into trouble on the other side of the office
  • giggling - because i put the squirrel on top of the tree upside down
  • dreaming - of a real vacation... someday
  • and blogging - because it is the ultimate way to kill time when you don't want to do all the other things you could be doing
Now I'm gonna...

go home and do something else.