Thursday, February 08, 2007


Have blogged about my love of Etsy yet? I'm not sure that I have... I LOVE LOVE LOVE etsy. There. That's done. Now, let me show you my most recent etsy purchase:

The radiolaria curves bracelet* from NERVOUS-SYSTEM:
A collaboration between a graduate student in architecture and a mathematician.
How could I not buy something with such a cool description?
Black styrene plastic is laser cut into an organic network of distorting ellipses. The pattern displays shifts in direction and scale, creating a sense of movement and tension around the wrist. These complex forms recall those of radiolarians, plant cells and even the familiar honey comb.
They make many other super sweet pieces, too. Like these earrings*:

I found this etsy shop like I often find them... through someone else's blog. The blog in question is Design Milk. Design blogs are awesome, they do all the work and people like me swoop in and buy the cool stuff they find.

*photos courtesy of NERVOUS-SYSTEM