Monday, April 11, 2005

Sleepy Me

You know what I find I need every Monday around 3:00? A fucking nap. Blah, I know why "they" say you should go to bed & wake up the same time everyday (including weekends) but I still think "they" are losers. I have a life. Even if that life only includes me reading & watching movies alone until 3am on the weekends.

Anyway... I bought a "new" couch this weekend (it's new to me). Finally. It's pretty comfortable but also a little allergy inducing. A little vacuuming/febreze should take care of that though. Oh, and it's huge. It seems to be a sectional missing it's corner piece which pushed together makes an 8 foot long couch. I wonder what happened to the corner piece. Tonight I have to rearrange the living room and figure out where to put everything. That's always fun.

Band of Brothers is on again this week and I'm frantically trying to clear my Replay to fit them. I'm not sure it'll all fit though. I might have to back some stuff up to my VCR but that would require me to use my VCR and who remembers how to do that.

Did I mention I need a nap?