Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Prince Rainier

When I get interested in a subject, I'll literally ingest all the media I can about it. And when I was a teenager, I bacame obsessed with Grace Kelly after finding a book about her at the library. So, I watched all her movies & every TV special I could find about her and I read a few books. And since the last half of her life was lived as HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, I learned a lot about Prince Rainier, too. And I always got the impression that Prince Rainier was a good guy. He just had the look of a guy who couldn't possibly be anything but nice... didn't he? He seemed to really love his children (and if you know anything about them...) and his country. And no matter what the state of his marriage was at the time Princess Grace died, there's no doubt that he was devastated by her death and that he loved her very much. Anyway, I feel sad for Monaco today...

Prince Rainier of Monaco dies aged 81