Friday, March 02, 2007


so you're having an ok friday... your work decides to let you drink during the friday meeting and so you get to get your buzz on early. the meeting ends and you chill at the office for a little bit before driving home. you drink a little water and you're good to go. next thing, you're home and ready to start your weekend for which you have many plans of being productive. you make a little dinner (whole wheat mac & cheese, baked chicken nuggets, chocolate milk). then you start to settle in for the evening with grand plans of watching a bad lindsay lohan movie (just my luck) followed by a good indie flick (thumbsucker). suddenly you start to feel a little chilly so you turn up the heat and grab yourself a blanket. then you start to feel a little more chilly so you put on your giant fluffy robe. then your head starts to hurt a bit and you get a bad feeling about all this. so you go upstairs and search for your thermometer. which you can't find anywhere. and your search isn't helped by the fact that you're full on shaking now. and you know that even if you find your tylenol, it wouldn't help to take it now. so you go back downstairs with your shaky cold achy body and you plop down on the couch with as many blankets as you can find. you might as well try to get comfy because your sick ass is gonna be there all weekend. sigh.