Thursday, March 08, 2007

But Wait There's More!

I'm pretty much addicted to magazines. And UK fashion & shelter magazines totally rock. Plus, they attach the greatest & most random free things to them. I've gotten coasters, cds, etc. But this is the best yet:

That's right, bitches! Free UMBRELLA with purchase of March's Marie Claire UK edition. And it's funny because I was in dire need of a new umbrella. My last one was very nice indeed... a Monet water lilies umbrella that I had been coveting in some catalog. And I got it FREE from the lost & found at Bob Evans. But it's all broken and sad now. Lately, I've been seeing many pretty ones on various online stores. But I have a certain uncomfortableness with paying more than $10 for something that's gonna break with one strong gust of wind. So, this was perfect... $7 and I got a new adorable umbrella & a fun magazine!