Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fall TV

It's that time of year again, when TV gives the faux-promise of delivering some new quality, or at least watchable, shows. Here are the returning shows that I consider "must see"...

Monday - Arrested Development
Tuesday - House
Wednesday - America's Next Top Model, Lost
Thursday - The O.C.
Sunday - The Simpsons & The Family Guy, and maybe, Grey's Anatomy

Here are some new shows that interest me (although I doubt I'll bother watching many of them):

Monday - How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday - My Name is Earl looks freakin' hilarious but unfortunately it's on opposite House, my latest TV obsession. Which means I'll also miss out on The Office. This is why I hate you NBC.
Wednesday - Nothing overly intriguing to me here. I'd like to check out Martha's Apprentice but I'm going to give the Janice-less Top Model a chance first.
Thursday - Reunion

And that's it. 4 shows. Great job networks.