Thursday, September 08, 2005

A (New) Classic Match

What an awesome tennis match. Probably the second best match I've ever had the pleasure to watch (the first being the classic Sampras-Agassi quarterfinal of 2001). I knew Andre was capable of winning but I really didn't think he was going to. And then when he was down two sets so quickly, I just begged the universe to let him win one set. Just one set so that I didn't have to hear those retirement tirades over and over and over. And amazingly, he did win the third set and then the fourth set. But I've seen Andre do this before, so I refused to get too hopeful... and then he went down a break in the fifth. To me it was enough that he'd taken it this far but apparently he wanted more. He broke back and took it to a tiebreak. I'm pretty sure I held my breath for the last hour of the match. He let the first match point go and I still didn't let myself believe he'd pull it off. Then he did it... he won. And I jumped up on to my feet at 1:15am and did a happy dance. I knew he could do it. And he did and now, maybe for the next two days at least, the critics can stop banging the Agassi retirement drums. And I won't have to scream at the TV that he's still a top ten player and a better player now than he was at 25. And my boyfriend & neighbors will appreciate that. Believe me.

Such great tennis. It'll be nice if they use this match as a replacement rain delay match... instead of that f'in Jimmy Connors match from forever ago (I'm talking to you CBS). Although, I think USA network uses the previously mentioned Agassi-Sampras 2001 quarterfinal. I love watching that match, even though Andre always loses it. Heh.

Agassi of old, not old Agassi :: The Boston Globe