Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blogging Super Saturday

No, I probably won't blog all of Super Saturday... or even all of the Agassi-Ginepri match. Because I'll be heading back to my apartment to watch most of it after I eat an omelette. And I don't have interweb access there... :-( Anywho - it'll be fun while it lasts.

Super Saturday: The men's semi-finals followed by the women's final. Here are the matches:

Andre Agassi vs. Robby "I dated Minnie Driver" Ginepri
Lleyton Hewitt vs. Roger Federer
Kim Clijsters vs. Mary Pierce

My picks are Agassi, Hewitt & Pierce. These are the players I'd like to win not necessarily the ones who will.

Boy, it would be nice if they actually started the matched at noon... instead first I'm being subjective to a Martina Navratilova interview. Boring. Sorry, I like her fine but didn't she retire like 10 years ago? Go away. I want Andre!

Alright, I've got an omelette... I'll be back after they actually start this match.