Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Great Kate Debate

So, my question is, how the fuck is Naomi Campbell still working?

Kate Moss has long been one of my style icons. And she still is. This whole thing is, as Gawker put it, a non-shocker. I always thought she was on drugs but that never made me want to do drugs. Nothing about the recent pictures of her snorting lots'o'blow has changed my mind about that. She didn't make it look glamorous or any bullshit like that. If anything, it makes me sad for her. Clearly, Kate Moss needs some serious rehab... there's no doubt about that. But it doesn't make her a pariah.

Some the comments being made about her are really fucked up... one article called her an anorexic freak. First of all, what does her thinness have to do with this? She was plenty thin before she was a model or on coke. Second, the whole argument that she needs to be made an example of for the sake of the children kinda goes out the window when you take a serious disease like anorexia and add a word like "freak" to it. That's sending a great message to teenagers... fucktard. And for the record, Kate Moss is also not to blame for anorexia. She didn't cause my anorexia and I've yet to do coke.

I'm hoping she goes straight to rehab without passing go. And in a year, she can make a huge comeback and everyone will be begging her to appear in their ads again. Until then, I'll be able to skip the 900 pages of ads in Vogue & Elle....

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