Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Crestline California Real Estate

Are you looking to buy yourself a vacation (or permanent) home in Crestline, California? It just so happens that my Dad's house* is for sale there and it's all gorgeous & tricked out. Here's a picture:

I'm a little sad he's selling it because it's so freaking cool. I hope I can make it out there one more time before he moves. Heh, the last time I was there I got locked out of the part of the house I was staying in. And it was dark and cold and the door was two flights of scary stairs** up. So, I had to run back down and try to get my dad to hear me knock on the door (he was listening to opera) but he didn't. And so I went back up and tried all the doors again but they were still locked so I ran back down and knocked on the door again. And I pretty much thought I was gonna die out there. But then I knocked loud enough to annoy the dogs who started barking and then Dad noticed me and let me in upstairs. Ah... good times. But let's get back to the house.

It's approximately 3664 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There are 2 full kitchens, a living room, family room, den and laundry room. There are multiple decks, a garage, a carport, and a snazzy landscaped yard. And the views up there... breathtaking!

But my most favorite part? The third floor. It's where I always crash when I visit... it's just a huge open space with 3 sleeping lofts. The bathroom has a washer & dryer and I think one of the kitchens is up there, too. Or maybe that's on the second floor... I remember a kitchen last time I was there... maybe I got the 2nd & 3rd floors last time I was there... hmmmm... yeah, I think the kitchen is on the 2nd floor. Anywho, the 3rd floor still rocks. If I owned the house, I'd just live up there and rent out the rest. It's awesome to just chill on one of the upper decks and stare at the stars. Yeah... I'm gonna miss that house. Now go buy it. Listing

LakeView Realty - Crestline California Real Estate

*Hey, I figured that Sage plugged his mom's house on his blog so why not?
**There nothing wrong with the stairs themselves. I just have a weird fear of backless stairs. Especially if there's heights involved.