Friday, April 06, 2007

Movies! Stress! Just another Friday night...

I just finished watching The US vs. John Lennon, another awesome documentary. I had really wanted to see it when it was in the theater but as usual with any sort of independent/documantary film, I didn't want to drive to Cleveland and then it was in Akron one week but I didn't notice until it was too late. Anyway - it's another movie I would recommend if you are at all a fan of John Lennon or just interested in seeing another example of abuse of power by a bunch of idiots, aka the US government. It's just amazing how not much has changed in 30-some years.

Speaking of movies, there haven't been many new ones catching my eyes these days. But I'm thinking of ditching Goyle in his room (yes, his room) for a couple of hours this weekend and going to see The Namesake. I'm sure puppyhead will not be overly thrilled with that but I'm one stressed out chick these days and chilling in a theater is always something that helps me relax. And I have heard good things about this movie... but we will see if it actually happens.

So what is it about stress? It just infects you and won't let go... And it always seems to hit you from all directions at the exact same time. I'm one of those people who just ingests it and has a really hard time letting it go. Blah. It's my insane sense of responsibility that brings it on the most, I think. I always wonder if I am doing enough, holding up my end of it all, etc. And sometimes I'll just get so frustrated that I give up completely in a situation. But I think that just stresses me out more. It's quite often that my stress is a reaction to other people's actions and how those actions might fuck with others (and yes, honestly, myself). I don't know, maybe that's how it is for everybody... and it's not that I don't have my own issues, they are there and I am aware. But, like, there are things that are just about you and you can deal with that kind of stress a million different ways. And then there are things that affect a lot of people around you and I guess I find that people don't take that into consideration a lot. But maybe I don't either. Maybe I'm just being a giant baby.

But all the causes of stress aside... what do you even do about it? With me, I always just think I need to suck it up and deal with it on my own. Lord forbid, I involve anyone else... If I do, I just end up feeling so much worse. Like, other people have their own shit to deal with, right? And so, if it gets worse... what then? How much can one person really handle? I've seen so many people around me just stop dealing with it... either by stuffing certain things in more (no problem here! {just not healthy}) or by passing it off to other people (just not cool). And I really don't want to go either of those ways... I like to deal with things and move on. But who really knows how the fuck to do that all the time?

Meanwhile, Snickerbutt is super adorable but his little helpless puppyness is it's own brand of stress. Because he is totally relying on me... and I've got to step up and be all responsible for him. But I do know I can handle this... so that's one thing, at least.

Speaking of dealing with stress, I hear sleep can help... so I'm gonna go try that out. A nice long weekend with lots of sleep and all my problems will go away, right? HA! Whatever...