Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Blog on the Block

I'm really loving this new blog...

3191: a year of mornings

This "collaborative photo blog" was started by two friends - Mav of port2port and Stephanie of little birds handmade - who live 3191 miles apart. Everyday (well, almost everyday), they each post a picture taken sometime during their morning. These are my favorite kinds of photographs... random glimpses into the ordinary.

I used to take pictures all the time... I'd say I have about five cameras and hundreds of photos laying around somewhere. I'd take pictures of anything but mostly I just took pictures of my friends - at the bar, at a game, on a roadtrip, etc. Looking at them now, I notice that my favorite ones are the ones where no one is looking... no real pose or no idea I was lurking around them. Those types are usually my favorite pictures of me, too. No time to make my tense "I hate getting my picture taken" face. I think it captures more of the real person or object, if that makes sense.

At some point I just stopped taking pictures, I think around the time I first moved... I'm sure most of my cameras are still at my mom's house. I started to feel that my camera was becoming a burden to my friends... like they were becoming less and less enthused by the sight of it. It was probably all in my imagination. I notice that almost all my family & friends have pictures that I took up around their houses. So, they must have liked it a little.

At the beginning of the digital camera revolution, I wouldn't even consider one. I don't know why, just a stubborn loyalty to film. "If you want instant, take a polaroid," would have probably been one of my comments at the time. I slowly entered the digital age last year with my dinky camera phone... and while I still love film (and polaroids still rock my world) now I can see the benefits of some nice digital photography, too. So, I've been finding myself drawn towards the camera section of Target quite often lately. I know it's only a matter of time before I cave... especially with my spending habits.

Maybe soon I'll be posting glimpses into my ordinary life, too.