Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Bit Evil... I'd Say

The whole 13 outfit thing was a nice twist... one that I called 5 seconds into the show when Hoedi told them to create a 12 piece collection. We've all seen the pictures and there were 13 outfits for each designer. Still, I have to give it to TPTB for putting that evil little twist in. I liked that they got to choose an axed designer to help them out. Yea! Diana & Nick at Fashion Week... just like I wanted from day 1. Unfortunately, I don't get to see what they can do. But I'll take the extra time with them anyway.

Meanwhile, Santino's seeming very likable & Daniel is looking like a douchebag. Take it down a notch, Danny V. He's definitely buying into the hype that he's unbeatable.

I'm super excited about next week's episode and to see the collections moving down the runway. I think we'll all see details that we didn't notice from the pictures. At this point... I'd say Daniel & Santino have about the same chance of winning. Chloe... I'm still stunned by her stuff. And still not in a good way.

Also, I can't help but see Hoidi as a little evil since Project Jay... and I was just starting to like her before that. Now, I'm going back to my first season preference of replacing her with Kate Moss... yeah, that would be sweet.