Thursday, March 09, 2006

Armchair Fashion

After much thought and consideration to last night's shocking ending to season 2 of Project Runway, I can only come to one conclusion. Shenanigans!! I'm calling shenanigans. I feel like Daniel was robbed. I feel like Santino was robbed. I also feel like Kara & Nick were robbed.

Don't get me wrong. I like Chloe... she was one of my favorites from the start. She has a very inspiring story and seems really sweet and all the other things I love to root for. And she stayed a favorite all season. I was so expecting to love Chloe's fashion week collection, not recoil in horror. But she made her models look like living room furniture. OK, OK, her entire collection didn't suck. But out of thirteen outfits, there are only four that I can both understand and enjoy as beautiful fashion. A lot of her fabrics were just too heavy. And the f'cking sleeves... and that one pink, flat, shapeless, weird one actually inspires anger in me every time I look at it.

This article from the Boston Herald, Dao sews up victory on ‘Project Runway,’ claims this:
Chloe’s triumph was not her collection, which showed little range. Six-foot-tall models paraded down the catwalk in evening gowns topped with matching caplets, less than exciting stuff. But it was her business sense and aptitude for understanding women’s desires in clothing that sealed the deal.
All this talk about how she "knows women and what women want?" Yeah, Chloe? Women do not want to look like armchairs:

I want Jay back... Jay is inspiring, funny and real and the more I see of him, the more I want to see of him. And I really I want to see more and more of his designs. Bravo can just skip Project Chloe and have a few full seasons of Project Jay instead. That's the only chance they have for forgiveness from me... at this point I feel like it's doubtful I'll watch season 3. But we'll see, that's a year away and maybe Chloe can make a come back with a better collection and the universe can heal itself. I don't know...