Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tacky Hilton

I should have known not to go against my first instincts...

From the very first episode of season 2, I've said that Santino's clothes look like something Paris Hilton would wear. So, when I found out that Nicky Hilton was the socialite they had to design for my first thought was that I should pick Santino for this week's winner... but I had a misconception that Nicky was slightly (barely) more classy than Parisite. WRONG! And now the evil Purple Pieman (I knew he looked familiar!) has another win. Booooooooooooo! With, by the way, practically the same f'in Hiltonish dress he made for the first episode.

I really wanted Nick to win. And not just for the points. I'm sticking with my first instincts with him (just like Jay)... he rocks. Overall, it was a good episode. I was more impressed with some designers that I'd already written off... Emmett's dress was actually cute. I didn't like it at first, but on the runway it worked. And Andrae's dress was cool, too. Was kinda disappointed in Chloe's dress... it was cute but resembled her 2nd episode dress a little to much. But I did like Daniel V's (probably don't need the initial anymore... poor Daniel Franco) dress... he made it work. I thought Diana's dress was gorgeous. I little froufy on the bottom but please, as if the Hilton's care about flattering clothes. And it was great to see Dirty Diana... I was reading her blog and thinking that they were portraying her a little to "conceptual geek" so far. She seems much more fun and I really hope her internet show gets off the ground because I really want to learn how to make a purse that lights up when my cell phone rings.

Anywho - my TVR cut off in the middle of next week's preview (grrr) so I'll have to go to the website tomorrow and check it out. Must know what's going to happen. Don't forget to check out the TWOP recap and here's a great blog devoted to Blogging Project Runway (giving her the proper props for the the Purple Pieman reference). Ooooh, just saw a preview that said 2 designers will be out next week... awesome.