Friday, January 20, 2006

Elle Favorites: February '06

I know that a lot of people already do this but I've always wanted to do it myself. I read a lot of fashion & design magazines - Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Domino, Elle Decor, Living Etc., Teen Vogue, & W - on a regular basis. And sometimes more. I've been re-inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Just My Cup of Tea, to share my favorites from some of them every once in awhile. I probably won't do it every month and certainly not for every magazine just because I'm lazy mcdaisy... also, I have no scanner hooked up right now so this post is lacking pretty pictures (except for the jeans). I'll work on that.

Here are a few my favorite things from February's Elle magazine:

Drew Barrymore in the new Missoni ad. She looks so stunning that I'll forgive her for not wearing a bra under her pretty green dress at the Golden Globes.

These Maxfield jeans:

The creepy but cool bat pins, page 98.

Marc Jacobs band-aids adhesive bandages, page 184.

Ostrich-feather miniskirt, page 241.

Michelle Kwan story... I hope she does great next month in Torino.

And finally, Madonna is on the cover... what else is there to say?