Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I'm so sad that Diana was sent home on Project Runway tonight. She was one of my favorites. I felt like Marla brought her down... she acted like a belligerent child for quite a bit of the challenge. She had nothing to contribute but just complained. You know, she didn't even complain she just stood there with that stupid look on her face. I also felt a little Tim Gunn hate this episode. Makes me sad that he never "got" Diana. Usually, I agree with all of his critiques during the design process but this time he just seemed to stifle Diana's creativeness. Some people might think that she is "conceptual" but in reality, I think her designs are very fashion forward. And the fact is, everyone of her designs was beautiful.

Really, I didn't really like anybody's outfit tonight. The winning design was nice but looked to much like many of last year's Banana Republic dresses. Poor Nick got saddled with Santino the Ego and was lucky to get out alive in my opinion. I hated the reversible jacket on Emmett & Chloe's outfit. Emmett is the next to go. I'm really shocked at some of the designer's who are left. Zulema, Kara, Andrae & Emmett have really not impressed much at all. Oh well... there's always next week. Go nick!