Thursday, November 17, 2005

Project Runway Countdown

There's a lot of press about Project Runway 2 around lately. Elle has a few pages devoted to it in their December issue (with Joss Stone on the cover). Included are updates about Jay, Austin and Kevin. And a couple of ads for the show with Hoidi holding paper cut-outs of the 16 (up from 12) new designers... including the very annoying Daniel from Season 1, Episode 1. Boo. Joe & I both hope he gets cut the first episode again... in fact, they should bring him back every season and cut him the first episode. Heh.

Anyway, I'm getting ready for Season 2 by reading the TWOP recaps of Season 1 and also re-reading Tim's Take on the Bravo website. In case you don't know, Tim Gunn is the most awesome member of the Project Runway team (followed closely by Michael Kors). Here's a sampling of his wit (from season 1, episode 5):
But, Wendy, can you give the asymmetry a rest? Alexandra handles asymmetry masterfully — and thoughtfully. With Wendy, it becomes a serious distraction. I looked at the dress on the runway and thought, "This dress would look so much more appropriate if Joy had scoliosis."
As for the countdown... only 21 more days.