Friday, November 11, 2005

Big Ol' Wish List 2005

The only thing left to hint for are gift cards...


And the previously mentioned... Sephora, Beauty First & Aveda.

And for future studio supplies... JoAnn Fabrics, Dick Blick, Pat Catan's, Michaels, & Utrecht are all good.

And really, a gift card from pretty much any store/restaurant is always fun. In fact pretty much any gift is always fun... but hanging out with me is the best gift of all. Hee.

And the very last thing I'd like is a yummy & gorgeous cake from the super cool bakery. Marble w/a chocolate fudgey middle would rock.

Since I really didn't think this wish list thing through and the posts are sort of scattered through the last few weeks, I thought I'd use this post to link to all my previous wish list posts:

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