Saturday, September 16, 2006

PR3 at Fashion Week

To start with, Project Runway really kind of blows this year. I feel sort of ambivilant about it all at this point but I was excited about the fashion week collections. I feel like you can get a much better sense of the designers than you ever could during the actual show. For instance, before Chloe's runway show, I thought she had talent and now I know better. And I always knew Jay had talent but I was (and still am) blown away by his winning collection. He set the bar high and I doubt any future PR contesant is going to top it.

So, this season, as I suspected it would, has felt rushed and the challenges have been uninspired and mostly farcical (next season on PR, make an elegant evening gown... using only aluminum siding and a roll of floss!) I'm not even sure why they pretend to have judges anymore because - Angela, Vincent and Jeffrey in the top 7? - yeah, producers had nothing to do with that. And I'm still pissed about Alison... let's just get that out there. This week's episode was predictable and pretty much wrapped up the whole season and tied it with a sucky bow. I mean... bringing back Vincent and Angela? Lame. Finally, it's down to the the final four and they are Uli, Michael, Jeffrey and (decoy) Laura. I know Laura isn't officially the decoy but come on, right?

This is the first time Project Runway had their runway show in the fall (which means spring collections). I'm not sure if PR made it a requirement to make a swimsuit but each collection has one (well, except Laura's... but then... decoy). It's probably the last minute "surprise" challenge... "make a bathing suit that fits your collection! You have 5 minutes before your runway show starts!" Anywho - here are the links:





None of them wowed me. Uli's was very Uli, Jeffrey's was very Jeffrey, Laura's was very Laura. I love Michael on the show but have yet to figure out his "point of view" (as Tim Gunn would call it) so I'm not sure if his collection is him or not.

First up - Michael. I did not like this at all. As far as I can tell by his collection, Michael's "point of view" is pointed permanantly toward a Beyonce video. I heard this was the most well received collection of the four so... I guess people like Beyonce? Or maybe people just like Michael (understandable) and hope he wins no matter what he shows. I certainly won't throw anything at my TV if he wins but I would rather he win with a super hot collection that makes us want more. And this just isn't doing that for me.

Next - Uli. OK, I like Uli... I've liked pretty much every outfit she made this season and every outfit she wears. And pretty much all those outfits are in her collection. It also looks to me like Uli became worried half way through designing the collection and ran out and bought some non-print fabric. The collection could easily be cut into two mini collections. I'm not quite sure the two mini collections can pass as one full collection. That said, I like pretty much all her outfits and it's my favorite of the four. But I am in no way wowed or excited about it.

And Jeffrey. The thing I love most about "rock & roll/punk" guys like Jeffrey is how they think everything they wear and do and say is edgy and new and making some sort of statement. In this collection, Jeffrey has discovered stripes. How new! How edgy! How I'm sure I saw most of this collection at H&M last year! But I don't hate all of it. I like more of Jeffrey's collection than Michael's. And by more I mean I like two of Jeffrey's outfits vs one of Michael's. He might have won me over with more outfits if there weren't so many stripes involved. Also, what the fuck is he wearing? Are those manpris? OMG... he's so fucking edgy...


I guess Uli should win?

Later this weekend I promise to post about Jay's new collection. Go see it at Getty Images.