Thursday, September 28, 2006

There should be a title here but I'm too lazy to think of one...

So, yeah... there's no decoy this year. I figured that out the minute they started showing the preview for last night's episode. But then I thought, "no. they're just tricking me." And so the whole episode last night I was "Uli's out. Michael's out. Laura's out. Jeffrey's out." Until Laura was in and then I went back to my original thought of no decoy.

I was glad Uli won last night. The first half of the episode I was yelling "Make it short!!" And she did and it was a killer little Uli dress. I was not so happy today though when I noticed she uses that same fabric for a long Uli dress in her final collection but whatever. Last night's dress was good... she deserved to win.

I don't think I care too much about the reunion. I hope Alison wins the viewer favorite poll thingy. And I kinda hope someone kicks Keith in the forehead... Oh and I'm also excited to see Robert again. OK, the reunion won't be too bad. As long as they are all drunk. And I'm drunk while watching it.

My second coffee drink of the day has made me suspiciously sleepy... maybe I ordered an ambien latte instead of a vanilla one. Either way it is not helping me cross anything off my list today.