Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hating: A Few Things

1. Band-aids... Particularly the 12 I've had on my right middle finger in the last 2 days. Why can't one just stay on for more than 2 hours?

2. The USPS... what's up with my mail, yo? I gave them a weeks notice to start forwarding it. One week after the start date, it was still showing up in my apartment mailbox. Then it just stopped all together. Then I got 1 piece of mail... and then 1 more. That's 2 pieces of mail in 7 days. And neither piece of mail was my Domino magazine.

3. Spyware... yeah, i didn't want to get anything done today anyway. So it was the perfect day to spend 3.5 hours trying to rid my computer of evil adware.

4. Caribou Coffee... thanks for the wrong pastry this morning, idiots. Really started my day off right.

What a crappy day.