Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SageRock Google Seminar

For anyone who is interested, my company is giving a Google Ranking Seminar on November 16. Here is a link & a little more information:

SageRock Google Seminar - Learn how to get top rankings on Google at our half day in-person Seminar November 16.
Learn how to make your web site rank better on Google.

Join the SageRock Google Ranking Seminar, Thursday November 16 in Akron, Ohio!

In this SageRock Google Ranking Seminar, you will learn how to:

* Target the phrases your customers are searching.
* Learn the 5 most important factors to rank well in Google.
* Make your site a link magnet for other web sites.
* Learn how to use the Google Sitemap to rank better in Google.
* Use all the work your competitors have done to beat them in the search listings.