Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Benefits of The O.C.

I knew there must be some benefit to sticking with The O.C. during it's sophomore slump and now I've found it:

Star Wars trailer to premiere during OC

So far, this Star Wars movie is the only movie I'm really excited about seeing this year. Now, let's get back to The O.C.:

Note to writers... Mischa Barton still can't act and still isn't hot. This pseudo lesbian storyline you've got her in couldn't be less thrilling. Also, Ryan hasn't taken off his shirt all season... what gives? Thanks for getting rid of Lindsay, DJ & the crypt keeper, Kim Delaney. You can keep Zack & Alex. Also, more Julie. And maybe a little less meta... but I did love the Laguna Beach nod last week. Oh, and why don't these kids go to school anymore?